Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tai Chi Update

I actually have been working on a post about my friend Jack, who is retiring at the end of this month. That's what he has been trying to convince everyone. Me and another friend are taking him out to lunch at the Manor Country Club (not my country club, not my style, nor Jack's to tell the truth) on the 22nd, and I have been teasing the hell out of him.

In the meantime, I have been running with my business, working on the post, and working my butt off in this crazy market. And practicing my tai chi.

OK, I have been working the market a lot, working the business a lot, and practicing a ton. I freaked both instructors out today, along with myself when I did all six sets. There is just something in my personality about goals. And now I will start going on Saturdays and really working it.

And the post about retiring, that's a goal now. I have to go, goals, you know. And please, don't worry about the markets. They are going to correct for a while. Put some cash on the side unless you want to buy some Tech. It's their time of the year. What are you up to lately? Buying or selling?


Wicked H said...

Must be nice to have some dough to play around with. I doubt I will ever know what that is like, oh well.

If anyone sees a sibling rivalry cloud explode over Wolftrap tomorrow night, don't worry. The Sister's Wicked along with Lil Wicked and a close friend of mine will be picnicing then enjoying the tunes of the Gypsy Kings. With any luck at all, someone will ask me to Salsa.


Glamourpuss said...

Blimey, you work fast.


Odat said...

Oh I'm just letting all my stocks sit...;-)


The CEO said...

Wicked, you should always be saving. Enjoy Wolf Trap, and don't kill B.S.

Puss, I need to push myself or I'll never get anywhere.

Odat, you're a smart woman! Ignore the pros, they're panicking each other.

Echomouse said...

I agree. Definitely sit the markets out.

That said, I had to cash in all Mom's investments and did so right before she died. If she'd been alive to see this going on....God, my nerves would be shot. She always looked to me to reassure her on that stuff and look after it. I'm reallllllly glad I'm out of it just now. Later in the fall I'll get back in. Right now, it's all parked safely.