Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Schmooze And I'm Proud Of It

The ever-lovely, ever-insightful Odat (have you voted for her yet, just go to her site and look at the items she is nominated for if you haven't voted yet) decided in her infinite wisdom (her wisdom approximates both The Great State of Maryland or New York depending which side of the Mason-Dixon Line you're standing on at the time) that I schmooze. The parenthesis are there to help you parse the sentence correctly according to the rules of BNF grammar, which is how we build computer language compilers, in case you were actually wondering, not that you asked, but, it is an example of schmoozing.

I thought long and hard on the people that I wanted to nominate. I decided on people that I knew I would enjoy sitting and either reading at length or talking to in person. There are a lot, and some have already been honored as Schmoozers, such as Hearts. There are others who are ill or unavailable such as Mist1 (who did post today) and CMHL, who I would nominate in a heartbeat, but aren't capable of being active at the moment. Perhaps when they are capable in the very near future, I hope. And there are others.

But I do choose the following captivating folks in no particular order.

I always look forward to reading whatever Glamourpuss has to say in her eloquent prose. I wish she would come to the East Coast already.

I already have demonstrated to my satisfaction that I can schmooze at great length with Wicked H. I adopted her as a sister.

In a similar vein, I have experience schmoozing with My Reflecting Pool, who is quit a talented schmoozer.

I schmooze all the time with Wandering Girl (a.k.a. Tiffany). She and I have a thing, or is it a thang? Whatever, it covers so much territory that you can't believe it. We schmooze a lot. but not nearly enough.

I have not yet begun to schmooze with MJ. You just wait until she feels better!

And, I have only just begun.


Glamourpuss said...

'Elegant prose'? I love that - thank you so much, Monty!


mist1 said...

Just the word schmooze makes me want a cocktail.

The CEO said...

Puss, I may not have told you that I batch a few of your post together and sit here with a bowl of popcorn and a drink reading them. It's something I look forward to doing.

A dirty martini, shaen, not stirred for Mist.

M@ said...

well, you're good at schmoozing waitresses!

Wicked H said...

This Big Brother Thing, so Cool!!!

The CEO said...

M@, I really like women, my wife prefers it that way.

Wicked, sis, did the parents get home OK? Or is it 'rents?

My Reflecting Pool said...

You are a fabulous schmoozer. I am touched and honored you consider me a blog schoozer! Arent you sweet!

Wicked H said...

They made it. Their luggage, not so much......

The CEO said...

Pool, it takes one to know one.

Sis, we can replace the luggage, the rents aren't replaceable. An audible sigh of relief (fitting right in, aren't I! I have years of practice and I finally got it right).