Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Am Just A Little Miffed And I'm Sharing Here

I am assuming that you have already stopped by MJ's so I am writing this post. If you haven't, you might read the last post, then come on back. I also want to get this out of my system because I am finally going to do an Aucturian meme specifically for my personal hero The Crankster, even though he, and the rest of the world knows how much I loath and despise memes, I am going to do this particular one because there is something about it that appeals to me. Also, I am going to slightly modify it in the same vein as The Crankster, my hero, did. But in order to do the meme, I will have to write an introductory post first, which is under development now, as I write this one (this is a well-planned blog, whereas execution is often flawed). That post is called "Mississippi". Stay tuned, please.

But, this is just introductory information sharing, or bringing you up to date. I could just as easily told you of my new spectacular endocrinologist (she's the best I have ever had, and my brand new One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System {spasms of joy}, I am so lucky), and the adequate experience I had giving blood the other day. (Note to Wicked: Is the word phlebotomist Latin for nervous asshole with a large needle? And why does it sound so much like lobotomist? Scary!).

But I have digressed from a very serious purpose. I need to calm down. I spent a lot of time nominating people for Bloggies Awards. I am upset about quite a few of the nominations I made not showing up, and I am just as upset about the same people being nominated every year. I can't find any criteria to follow objectively that states how the final panel selected the finalists.

Let me start with a non-obvious example. You all have heard me talk about the excellence of Barry Ritholtz before on my blog. He is the most followed economic site on Wall Street. He regularly publishes material from the industry showing that he has the highest volume of access of any economic site in existence. I didn't see him on the Bloggies ballot and yet I nominated him. I could really go wild about Allan's photography, and would gladly put his portfolio up against the Pros that the Bloggies picked much less the others. I'd put his macro portfolio up all by itself and let you choose, but this is very subjective, although I feel that I am never wrong about these things.

Show me better consistent writing than Crankster. Crank, you may not comment. I am not interested in modesty. Show me a more insightful philosophical writer, or a better writer of prose than Glamourpuss. Puss, you may not comment. I am not interested in modesty. And now for Mist. It's not that I think she is this century's Bob Hope, it's that I think she's just beginning. The woman gets more comments before 8:00 AM than I get hits all month. Give me a break. But, there's a more objective measure than me.

Bloglaughs is in the game of reviewing humor sites and evaluating them. They publish their criteria for evaluating humorous blogs. Mist's rating was a 96.9. Now let us inspect the Bloglaugh ratings of the five nominated Bloggie nominees:Go Fug Yourself: 89.8, 72.4,The Dilbert Blog - Not Rated,Overheard In New York 91.7,and Gizmodo - Not rated.

Any mention of Mommy bloggers? I don't think so. I'm stopping before I have an unplanned annurism (not that you get to plan them, but why try to provoke one).

I am just saying that I cannot make sense out of the nominations for the Bloggies. And if they are supposed to represent us as bloggers, I'd sure as hell like to know what the hell is going on. I am throwing this open to those of you with calmer, cooler, more well reasoned heads than me to look at this and comment. Then we can storm the fucking Bastille, not that I'd ever have an opinion, mind you.


Matt said...

I know exactly what you mean. Mommy Bloggers. LOL.

Wicked H said...

In response to your question regarding the definition of vampire: yes and yes. However; I am in contact with gentle, kinder vampires all over the region. Next time, let me know I'll hook you up with one who uses butterflies, does not suffer from tremors AND has a nice personality.

As for your being miffed, I have no intelligent response. I am sure your nominees have been slighted. Let me know if I need to dispatch my other people to take care of the matter.

Glamourpuss said...

CEO, I know it's irritating, but it's all about numbers. The nominees are not shortlisted because they have been judged to be the best, they are nominated because they got the most nominations. Personally, I take that to mean that we just don't get read as much, but hey, I'd always prefer to be a cult classic than a mainstream hit.

Now breathe. And relax.


The CEO said...

It's all about quality, and the ever-increasing lack of quality in society. And I have been constantly being upset about that.

My quality doesn't improve unless I am responsible for it. I include me in the equation.

So, for my nominees to make the list, we need to advertise them.

Wicked, you're the best.

Puss, I'd rather keep you for myself than share you. Keep writing, please. I like thinking.

desiree said...

I don't know who got out and voted but I voted my little heart out, and yes, it is dissapointing to not see even one of the people I nominated make it. Think of it like TV: The crap sitcoms get all the ratings (Accoding to Jim...shudder) but the well thought ones that are interactive and make you love the characters (Arrested Development) get cancelled. At least this way you still get to interact with your favorites since they aren't so big that they ignore you. Hell, sometimes I even make it into the upper 200 comments over at Mist's place.

cmhl said...

adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit.

if a 75% popularity blog gets 1,000 votes, and a 95% popularity blog gets 10 votes, the one with more votes will win. no electorial college in the bloggies, that I can see.

The CEO said...

I hear your pain Des.

CM, I understand your logic, I'd prefer that they state their criteria as clearly as Bloglaughs did. Bloggies really can do anything they like, and there seems to be a final committee.

cinders said...

Yep, the bloggies are a lot like the Oscars. They don't typically nominate little independent films that probably are 50x better just not as exposed.

Alison said...

I think Cinders hit it on the head there.

mist1 said...

I have shredded my acceptance speech. Where am I going to wear the dress that I bought?

Allan said...

After seeing the finalists this year, and realizing they are pretty much the same as last year, and the year before, and before that, I have finally concluded that the Bloggies are irrelevant.