Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogger Community

"When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be, let it be". Nope, it wasn't CMHL who said that, nor was it Hearts, someone else I listen to for what she has to say. So when my coffee pot broke on Wednesday, I was already well beyond the limits of human endurance, and to make matters worse, we were out of food. Literally. I can always go out and buy a sandwich, but I make my own coffee. Starbucks just doesn't make it strong enough. So I mix either one of their bold or extra bold coffees with some of their espresso, about three to one. If I drink their espresso straight, I use a double batch. Claudia has told me of the joys of Cuban espresso, but I have never found any so far. I take good coffee as seriously as Glamourpuss takes a good cup of tea, maybe more serious than that. I used to use a Chemex System so I was sure I had boiling water to put into the ground coffee in the filter. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself a gourmet of coffee. You''ll never find me in a Starbucks tasting room sipping coffee, and then spitting it out and judging the flavor. Not happening. I am a coffee gourmand. I drink it in quantity, and I swallow every last drop. I make a 10 cup pot, and drink it. And these people who say I can't put cream or Splenda or high quality hot chocolate mix in my coffee, please, you have a better chance of talking me into Capital Punishment. Please don't waste my time. I am not a coffee snob, I am a coffee drinker. Please stand back and don't get hurt.

Which brings me to the current issue. The Community Blogger Award. Glamourpuss was handing out awards to various people. The first one was the "Totally Fabulous Award" and I knew from Puss' description that at my satirical best, I was never going to qualify. Puss wrote "...but I’m also rather good at some other stuff, like coordinating my accessories with my outfit, parallel parking, and giving blow jobs. So hurrah for me." I want to be absolutely clear here. I can parallel park! And, I prefer to accessorize by wearing brown shoes with a pair of black pants and a white shirt. But, it definitely stops there. I stick to women, my wife prefers it that way. I even used to have a pink shirt although lately I have been wearing a lot of inherited golf polo shirts from Greg Norman, etc.

I was awarded a Community Blogger Award! Thank You.

There are people I would like to commune with over a cup of coffee, a beer, a cocktail, lunch, whatever. Mostly they are in my blogroll. So please, count yourself among those I mean.

I am going to mention a few people like Odat because I have never been able to give her anything, and she stands in a unique place among bloggers with her really positive, uplifting blog. Odat, One Day At A Time is the very essence of Positive Affirmation, and is a daily rejuvenation of the human spirit. I won't tell you more about Odat, or why I think she does this, but missing out on her is the silliest thing you can do.

Equally silly is not reading every word that Heart in San Francisco writes. Her command of the language and her ability to convey with precision is so far beyond my meager ability that there are times I have just read what she has written and sat and thought about it for a while. Some pieces are a bit deeper than others, and I have thought for a day or two. Some I pass on. I have disagreed with her, and I once wrote sort of quietly about Barry Bonds. Very quietly as the issue was easily one of small detail as opposed to the major point. But, I digress.

James Burnett is in mourning, and I won't disturb him now. Someone is going to say, "...but he's a professional writer" and I'm going to say ".....there's a lot of professional writers I can't stand!" I don't always agree with James Burnett, but I certainly miss his writing right now, and I miss it a lot.

I only wish Crankster was employed already because I miss him too. Crankster is someone I met in real life, and my relationship with him in real life is even better than in the blogosphere. But, when you are looking for work, and you are raising a little one, and lots of things are happening, you don't always have time. So, I really miss Crankster a lot too.

And finally, I miss Mist tremendously. Enormously. The World knows about me and Alison and CMHL. She's my blog sister and CMHL is, well CMHL. I 'found' Mist on Ali's site, and went there. It is from Mist's site that I met almost everyone that comes here, like Wandering Girl. Mist has been among the longest readers I have had. she gave me advice when I was starting, and has been a wonderful friend.

I guess that there's just a lot of you that I give a damn about. You'll all just have to suffer with that.


Nosjunkie said...

Congratulations sweetie I am glad for your win and even more glad that its gotten you out your slump.

Big up for O-Dat too. I always read her blog first then I am happy for the rest of the day

Odat said...

You're one of my sweetest're such a dear...
I'm getting from this post that you like your coffee (I'm just saying)....hehe.
Thanks!!!! ;-))))))))) you've just made my day!

Claudia said...

sigh...I wish I could just blog you some wonderful coffee right NOW!!
BTW...what did happen to Mist?? are you still in touch with her?

Lee said...

I miss Mist too. I hope she's doing well.

AmyTree said...

I love coffee too! The Dude is, sadly, allergic so it's all me - I have an 8-cup pot that I fill every morning, drink a cup and take the rest to work. If it can't strip paint I don't want to know about it, and I will drink nothing rather then submit to Nescafe... Heart of Darkness is the BEST!

Melanie said...

I miss mist as well. hope you have a new coffeemaker by now.


cmhl said...

hey there--- thanks for the shout-out--- you recall that you were my 10,000th reader. I think it is now up to 235,000 something even though currently on hiatus, so you are on up there in my book!

The CEO said...

Lee, congratulations on the S.A. World Rugby win! Isn't Odat the perfect way to start the day!

Odat, you're perfect with coffee, great coffee! I may not comment until that night, but I'm laughing early!

Claudia, you marvel, I can't drink coffee without thinking of you and Cuban espresso. One day....

Lee, I miss you, I know it's tough working three jobs, but I miss you anyway. To you and Claudia, nothing about Mist, either of you know anything?

Amy, when the time comes, we'll meet over coffee! The best kind of coffee. And we'll keep toying with it until we get it right!

Melania, I have a brand new Braun, and it is chugging away. CMHL, or Crouching Mommy Hidden Laundary is/was a blogger who has temporarily taken a hiatus from blogging.

CMHL, you are a very popular blogger because you had so much to say, and you said it so well!

Glamourpuss said...

Yeah, that Fabulous award was quite camp...

But you personify the whole 'blogging as a social activity' thing for me.


Alison said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!

It's appropriate that this post is about community, because I know commenter Melanie from my favorite online community. We've even met in person. :-)

Crankster said...

Congrats, CEO.

And I miss you, too.