Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shit Happens

I have heard from one or two of you about 'what happened' in the last couple of days. Well, a lot of bad shit happened. People doing pissy things. Billing companys threatening to take me to court over bills I don't owe, other people who were supposed to be long term friends....... that kind of pissy shit.

I suppose I should really get it off my chest and write to someone, but Freud said that bitching is just tension reduction, and you still have to solve a problem. If you want to feel bad, you can feel bad because you thought you had a friend and found out you didn't, that you had a relationship based on someone else's need, and nothing else. We all are in relationships that have some level of need satisfaction involved. No biggie. Still, no one likes feeling used.

So, we revert to the CMHL model of "Light a Candle Don't Curse The Darkness Model". The woman has a deep, insightful view of human behavior. How lucky to find out this early before things got really serious! Things could have been so much worse, and besides, look around you at all the friends you do have!

I'm not going to complain. I got up this morning, and while I don't live in New York, and fly to Paris every other weekend (evidently the standard for a perfect life, I suspect the food is part of it, I might have to take my good friend, buddy pal Franki who speaks French to help out with the food and the art) I'm still ahead of the game. So when I wake up in the morning, I can start off with Odat, and then when I finish laughing, I can read everyone else's blog! Anyone got anything else to contribute?


cmhl said...

I'm with you ceo--- this week has been weird. maybe it is the seasonal change? Things have been hectic and disappointing, but at the same time I have learned some things about myself that I definitely need to change.

bitch away!

cmhl said...

one more thing---

"and while I don't live in New York, and fly to Paris every other weekend (evidently the standard for a perfect life, I suspect the food is part of it..."

I wouldn't want to live in NY (they would make fun of my accent, methinks), but I would like to visit quarterly for about two weeks each time.

I would love to visit Paris seasonally as well, but I wouldn't want to fly there every weekend. One of my greatest flaws is that I can visualize each worst-case scenario of my death, and one of top five would be a horrific plane crash. Each time I have flown overseas, I white-knuckle it for hours on end, well, that is until I discovered medicinal aids. ha.

so, that wouldn't be the perfect life for me..

Allan said...

If I had the money (which I don't), I would live in NYC.

And if I could afford to fly first class (which I can't), I would fly to Paris every weekend.

My two most favorite cities.

I'll keep dreaming.

MJ said...

I will have to pass on living in New York.. I have been there to visit many times and there is just too many people for me.. Paris that is on the list of must see places.. I try to live be the motto.. One day at a time.. Because I don’t know if I will be here tomorrow and yesterday doesn’t really matter.. it is today that counts!!

Glamourpuss said...

Blimey. 2007 has been a shitty year, no?

But we don't need friends like that, so we? Sod them.


Odat said...

Every one needs to rant every now and's ok...but not if you get stuck there...When I'm at that place, I a child...I laugh, I dance, I skip....whatever silly thing I can do until I feel better.....

(thank you, btw ;-)

Claudia said...

Does light a candle and curse the darkness count?? :) I wonder when we'll have another good year? It's been a while

WanderingGirl said...

Sorry it's been such crap. I adopt the model of "this too shall pass" and try to ride out the storm. I hope something wonderful and bright is hiding just around the corner for you!

Anonymous said...

I like to start my day with a cup of coffee and end it watching Jon Stewart. Everything else inbetween is just daytime. Oh, I'm feeling very reflective lately and I'm not experiencing anything bad. Life is good right now. You make it better. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Wicked H said...

Almost lived in NY but he broke up with me via e-mail - the coward.

Never been to Paris, one day maybe.

In cases such as you describe, I put my mixology talents into play and begin testing the ole liver.

But that's just me....

The CEO said...

CMHL, life has just been bizarre this year. As for living in NYC, I was born in Queens, but I have never been to Paris.

Allan, if I had the money, I'd charter the plane and take my friends with me. Bring Ali and your choice of bourbon.

MJ, when I hit the Lottery, you're on the plane too. Of course, I'll have to start playing the Lottery, but in your case, I can spare a buck.

Puss, we agree, 2007 has been a shitty year, but you need to have them so you can have fabulous years, so, let's get this one finished.

Odat, you're where I go when I'm upset because I always leave feeling better. It's the truth. I know the problems about 9/11 and you handle them so well. I just bask in that. Thank you.

Claudia, let's start now. As the Official Photographer of All Things Good, you can document them. The other day, I have a friend who was watching a spider climb up a thin strand of silky material for 30 minutes. I hear it's good to shut down periodically.

WG, can people my age be good, close friends with people your age, and both laugh, and also talk seriously, have fun, mutual respect, and a long term friendship and treat each other like adults? Or are you and I an anomaly?

Pool, Happy Anniversary! Keep it going.

Wicked, we must experiment together.

Echomouse said...

I'm all for bitching and moaning. You gotta let it out first, THEN you light the candle and get stoned...err...or whatever suits you. lol

I'm so sorry about the recent upsets you've endured. This truly has been an awful year. 2006 wasn't that hot either. I'm placing bets on 2008. How much you wanna wager??? lol ;)

p.s. It's mercury retrograde right now. I know, its' all b.s. to most people. But I swear, hand to God, that always brings out mixups and screw ups and PITA things. So just take deep breaths, do your tai chi, and try to float until it passes. It ends Nov.1st but give it till Nov.4th to really be in the clear. You can laugh at me about this. Most others do. But I like to be aware of it because stuff always ends up difficult during these phases. {HUG}

Nosjunkie said...

I agree that I should stop bitching but it makes for gud blogging. I also blame the rain. its been bucketing down for two weeks and I am sick of it now.
I have not learnt anything from my bad week other than that a goos's quack echos.

notfearingchange said...

Hey there,

I was looking at what chml posted at the beginning and am with her...
this is a weird weird month...seriously..I was just thinking in August that my life was perfect finally the stars had aligned. As of September 3rd...the stars were slipping into a hole of darkness.

I try to keep my head up however....b/c although there are times of trouble mother mary comes to me....oh wait that's a song...b/c you can't have ups unless you have downs! there that's better. *wink*....

WanderingGirl said...

We're an anomaly... but I'll be an anomaly with just about anyone interesting and kind!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm sorry you got burned. Yeah, shit happens. It's all a test for which we mostly couldn't study because we had no idea what the questions would be.

When Eleanor Roosevelt died, Adlai Stevenson said in his eulogy that she would rather light a candle than curse the darkness. I loved that, and determined to be such a person. I made a sign which I hung above my desk reminding me to light and not curse, but I still do my share of cursing the darkness.

The CEO said...

Echomouse, one day, we'll cross paths, and we can get stoned. I haven't done that for a while, but I'm game. I'm up for giggling.

Nos, there was this old movie called "Singing In The Rain" and I learned to do just that. You don't want to listen, I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I do have gusto.

NFC. I love the Beatles, the song, Mother Mary, "let it be", you score BIG POINTS for that one!

WG, there's sushi in your future.

Hearts, Adlai Stevenson got the quote from Elanor Roosevelt, who was the first person I ever heard using it. If I never risk, I can never gain. But risking doesn't always mean winning, and that's the hard part. I had talked to this 28 year old woman for over 2 years, helped her learn how to sell as a profession, and answered a huge number of questions from personal to professional to help her out. She called here a lot, as in daily. Yet after she got here, she almost stopped talking to me. We ended up spending almost all of the four days she was here driving her around to help her find an outfit for her birthday in New Jersey. She had the money for the outfit, but not enough to eat with, so we bought her meals out, and fed her in the house. And haven't heard a word since I dropped her at the train station. She drank all the Sam Adams beer in the 12 pack, but she left the empty carton on the floor. I made it available, but it wasn't like she spent a lot of time with us. She spent it on the computer. Sort of a self-centered, insensitive little kid.

Give her a Porsche and blond hair and put her in an Francisco, and she'd be your Blond Bimbo.

Eris said...

Sorry about the friends, that is one of the deepest hurts ever, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, yes?