Monday, October 08, 2007

In No Particular Order

Today we celebrate Columbus Day in the United States because as any school child can tell you, Columbus discovered the United States. I mean, they DID name Columbus Circle in uptown New York after him, didn't they? Below, on the highly detailed map showing Columbus' route, that Columbus NEVER GOT CLOSE TO NEW YORK. He got close to Florida perhaps. I am not going to mention Amerigo Vespucci's name here, but perhaps you might think about it. The Stock Market is open today, the Bond Market is closed. Go figure. Happy Columbus Day y'all, and Happy Shopping!

Which brings me to a bona fide holiday in one of my all time favorite places on Earth, Canada!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and I am thankful for Canada. Judy and I started camping across Canada in the 70's. We drove North and entered through Niagara Falls. We drove West across Canada seeing lots of small towns and just having fun. We finally came out in Detroit. We have also spent time in Calgary, Montreal, I learned to ski at a place called Grey Rocks north of Montreal, we have camped in Banff, and I'd love to go back almost any time.

I am thankful for Canada because she exports more oil to this country than any other two countries combined. She exports more wood products than anyone else. We buy a huge amount from Canada, we depend on her for a lot.

But personally, it's the friends I, and we all have in Canada that count the most. Thanks, y'all! Your National Anthem, at your National Sport! And if you look below, you can make out Echomouse's truck.


Anonymous said...

YES! Happy Thanksgiving in Canada. And really, columbus day sounds better than Amerigo day. Besides, I'll celebrate just about any holiday, names dont bother me to much.

M@ said...

The Portuguese Ponce De Leon was my favorite explorer because he reminded me of Paunch (sic) from C.H.I.P.S.

The CEO said...

Pool, let's get together and create our own holiday, with chocolate and champagne!

M@, I have the Paunch covered, thank you. Well done, M@.

Nosjunkie said...

I dont know why you guys give the man so much credit wasnt he lost and ended up in america by accedent

Wicked H said...

Oh Canada! Oh Co-lum-bus!

Okay I will work on my lyrics, until then champagne with chocolate covered strawberries for everyone!!!

Glamourpuss said...

Does that mean I get the day off work?


The CEO said...

Nos, quite right, the Indians were hiding on the shoreline mumbling, "damn illegal immigrants, bringing nothing but guns and crime with them". Only the Conservatives went down to the shore to see them come in.

Wicked, I love your style!

Puss, yes, you have the day off, and if you play your cards right, you can have the entire week off, paid.

Odat said...

Ok, It's Tuesday's over. I'm back at work and it sucks...Oh well....Chocolate Day sounds good!

The CEO said...

Hi Odat, I gave the Canadians an extra day to see if any of them might stop by. Maybe next year. But I do like the Chocolate Day idea!

Echomouse said...

Crap. I'm late to this. So sorry.

Hey....I see my brother's house in that photo of Toronto's skyline! lol My truck would be there, covered in spider webs.

A belated HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY! I hope you guys did get it off work. Any opportunity for a holiday and all that :)

The CEO said...

Did you have Turkey Echomouse?

Echomouse said...

I did have turkey! It was awesome. Had to drive 3 hours to get it, then 3 hours home, but it was soooo worth it :)