Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging That Hits The Mark

One of my best advisers, the trend setting sous chef My Reflecting Pool has decided in her infinite wisdom (never ending wisdom, just like the Great State of Maryland, and several others too) that I deserved this award. I am honestly and truly flattered, thank you so much.

I am nominating Odat, who hits the mark every single day, without fail. Odat is the operational definition of Excellence and Quality, traits I hold dear.

I am nominating Heart in San Francisco for her superb writing, her creative imagination and her Excellence and Quality.

I am nominating Nosjunkie (Lee) because I am becoming addicted to her blog, and South Africa, and to what she stands for, in my words, Excellence and Quality.

I am nominating James Burnett because of his continuing Excellence and Quality in his blog.

And finally, I am nominating a blogger on a temporary hiatus, because CMHL is the epitome of Excellence and Quality.

You all have a great day!


Nosjunkie said...

have I told you what a darling you are yet?
Your a darling

Congrats on another well deserved award

Glamourpuss said...

Well done, my friend.


James Burnett said...

My friend, you deserve it. Congrats. And I'm honored that you'd nominate me. Thank you very much. Now that I'm back in the saddle I'll try, like you, to live up to it.

BTW, I haven't completed all my personal responses to the folks who reached out to me and Mrs. B over the past couple of weeks. But we got your e-card. It was very moving and helped on a rough day. Will write more on this via email. But thanks for your support.

The CEO said...

Lee, you get to put the Award on your blog too, and then you get to give it to five people also.

Puss, Pool got to you before I could. Much luck with the class and the new Beau, the lucky man!

James, you too get to put the Award on your blog, and tell others that you appreciate their efforts. As for my support, you will always have that, regardless.

Odat said...

Again, thank you, you sweetie!!
My blog will wear it proudly!
Congrats to you too...deservingly so. I will pass this along to 5 others.

heartinsanfrancisco said...


Congratulations on your newest and most well-deserved award. I think this one must have been invented for you.

I am proud and delighted to share it with your other nominees, all of whom I enjoy and respect so much, too.

Thank you!

The CEO said...

Odat, you daily produce a high quality blog that gives me enormous pleasure. Thank you very much!.

Susan, I hope I was clear how much I enjoy reading your blog. Your imagination is absolutely unbounded, and I'm jealous!

My Reflecting Pool said...

all very good blogs!!!