Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Temporary Visitor

We have a friend who is coming from California later today (Tuesday) and she will be staying with us through the weekend. We're going to be showing her around on the possibility that she might be moving here or New Jersey in the foreseeable future.

Lots to talk about when I resume publishing next week. In the meantime, y'all do good, and enjoy as much as you can! They said today that the credit crunch is pretty much over!

Time for chocolate! Anyone celebrating?


Glamourpuss said...

Chocolate? That's worth celebrating.

Enjoy your guest!


Wicked H said...

Enjoy your guest. Give me a call back when you are free.

Chocolate martinis for everyone!!!

cmhl said...

hmmmmm. am I celebrating...

I would have to say yes, though there haven't been any interesting events..

have fun w/ the company!

Alison said...


Echomouse said...

I read that as "shoving her around" and did a double take. lol

You guys have fun :)

And have lots of chocolate!

Oh that credit crunch...seems here in Canada, the head bank has quietly been funnelling money in for the past 4 days. They're saying that means the credit crunch has hit here, just that nobody is talking about it.

AmyTree said...

Ooh - California?? Maybe I know her!! :-) Have fun!!

The CEO said...

Puss, chocolate is always worth celebrating!

Wicked, it's time for fun. Maybe Pampered Chef, and chocolate, naturally!

CMHL, celebrating! Send e mail!

Alison, it's a goal, and in my spare time, a hobby.

EM, yeah, that's my style, just like with Judy, I shove 'em here, and there. I shove both Christina and Judy shopping and then to a steak dinner. They're happy.

Amy, we need you, a little black dress, and shoes are a big issue right now.

Odat said...

If you come up this way you better tell me!!!