Sunday, November 05, 2006

CMHL and Crankster, You The Man

This was the week when Crankster and CMHL outdid themselves. Weren't we the lucky ones. One stood up for her kids to see her as a shining role model of what they can be. She did it to represent people who had survived cancer. And she did it sick and without complaint.

Crankster is merely drawing attention to a lot of things that need looking at, some with humor, and some with seriousness and earnestness. I offer you The Men this week, and Beethoven's Fifth.

Conducted by Karajan and recorded in 1966. Feel yourself soar? Karajan is argued to have been the greatest conductor ever. That's why it's so nice to see him at work.

Fur Elise is also by Beethoven. You've probably heard the first minute before.

I am nursing a really sick cat, so i won't hang around much more, except to say, remember to vote. And if you have kids, take 'em with you. Teach them that voting is a responsibility of being a citizen. Be a role model, like the two people we have here. And try to have a good week!


mist1 said...

Kiss Holmes. Her advice is priceless. The shoebox thingy worked like a charm. Will need to buy new hand towels.

MonkeyLover said...

wish your kitty well... and i am so apathetic about voting, I know I should and will, but when you have 1 loser over another it just seems like there is no point.

I need to become the world's dictator and all will be good.

cmhl said...

hey, thanks CEO!!

I don't like hearing that you are nursing a sick cat, however. How is she?? what is going on??

desiree said...

For all my bitching I did vote - actually, I may have really messed up the voting system for two states and, if found out, could get barred from voting in the future. You see, I recently changed citizenship from one state to another yet still received my absentee ballot from the original state so I filled it out and sent it in, figuring, why not? Then I managed to get regisitered and vote for the current state I live in so now I may have made a mockery of the whole system and caused some poor volunteer a massive headache. But that is just me. I've been a proud voter since 18 and now, voting in two states! Muah ah ahhhhh

Crankster said...

Thank you so much, both for the accolades and for the Karajan. I especially liked the closeups of his hands with the orchestra behind them. You really get the passion of the music.

All the best with your cat, and with voting!