Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ignorance and Stupidity Continued

Clearly, I wasn't clear enough. For those of you who pray for gridlock in the upcoming two years, the Great State of Maryland has a Democratically Controlled Legislature and a Republican Governor who have been at each other's throats for the last four years. This is the Democratic Legislature that decided that they could dictate to Walmart a minimum percentage of its revenues on health care for its workers. Unfortunately for the Legislature, we don't call that legal. Specifically, the Supreme Court didn't think it was legal. Really, I'm not making this up as I go along, I'm not that good. This is the same Democratic Legislature that decided to roll back prices in Baltimore last summer for electricity.

I own stock in constellation Energy. I bought it in anticipation of Florida Power and Light (FPL) buying them because they are a small, profitable utility servicing the City of Baltimore, and additionally, they have a really neat merchant operation that made them very attractive to a larger operator. Sure enough, FPL makes a winning bid. I sit back and smile. I'll collect the dividends while I wait for the deal to close. In steps the Legislature. Why? Because there's an election in November and the Governor is up for re-election. Now things get a little dicey here. The Legislature is only rolling prices back in Baltimore where 40% of the State lives, the poorest 40%. If you win in Baltimore, you can carry any of the other 23 counties and win the election state-wide. So, electric prices are not being rolled back anywhere else. It's easy, Constellation isn't even my electric company. I feel so loyal to the Democrats.

My County Executive speaks out! He is also running for Governor. He explains why it is so important to lower the prices for the people of Baltimore. My electric prices have doubled, why isn't it important for me to have lower electric prices too? And while all of you are at it, natural gas prices have dropped from $15 a therm (thousand btu's) to $5. Why haven't my gas heat prices dropped at all? I asked these questions during the primarys. Can you join me in saying fuck you Democrats and Republicans. Either order will do.

Are you getting the idea that I don't like either side yet? I will close with this.

You may have heard of John Kerry. There's this story about him shooting his mouth off,2933,226584,00.html about the troops, and education, and Iraq. I guess it shows he really didn't understand to begin with. About the volunteer army, and perhaps everything else. And please, don't associate me with Hilary Clinton.

What really pisses me off is that sitting not more than 60 feet away from me is a man named Jakob Lee. He's a real success story. He came from China when he was 14. He got a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. During the downturn, he joined the Air Force when there was no work. He continued in school, earning a Masters Degree in Computer Science. He couldn't become an officer in the Air force because he is from China. But, he was certainly good enough to go to Bagdad. So, as Jakob's next door neighbor, and as always, speaking for myself, I'd like to tell John Kerry to go fuck himself.

Last, at the rate we are going, I think I am going to ask people to simply write in a candidate for Senator in their state, regardless of what state they are in. I am writing CMHL in as my choice for Senator, and I think you should too. If she could represent 2/3 of the States in the country, maybe we'd make some real progress. And we can cut out both parties and their crap in a hurry.


Crankster said...

I never thought it would happen, but I long for the days of real political scandals and conspiracies. I miss the days when our leaders respected us enough to cloak their sleazy actions in patriotism and misrepresentation. It seems like the criminals have gotten so damn bold. Do you get the feeling that they don't respect us anymore?

The CEO said...

They think the people that vote stopped going to school in the 6th grade, and scare easily. Throw them all out.

rebecca said...

i vote for mist1!!

The CEO said...

An excellent choice Secret Girlfriend

desiree said...

I cannot even trun on my television. There is NO ONE to vote for. I used to try to choose the lesser of two evils but now it is so damn bad I can't even watch the stupid political ads. Everyone in office is shady, everyone in office is evil and everyone in office is up to no good because, by nature of having the desire to be in office there is something inherantly wrong with them. I feel like, if you want to be a Senator, there has to be something deeply wrong with you. You should see the race in Nevada, it is a friccon circus of assholes and liars and morons who don't even bother to hide their embezzlement and infidelity because we are such a state that one of them has to win, so why bother? There really is no stopping them because no one votes, no one pays attention, and my write in vote for candidate "shove it up your ass" is just a throw away. Ahem.

cmhl said...

thank you for your nomination! my platform will be based solely on mandatory afternoon naps.