Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ignorance and Stupidity Are Rampant, And We Have An Election Next Week

I actually have most of the next installment written of Re-Dating, but since this morning, the ignorance hasn't stopped. You'd think there was a conspiracy. This antique woman this morning tried to persuade me to vote for the incumbent Republican Governor because of his stand on gay marriage.

You might think that with what I have written that I might have had a discussion with her. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Maryland doesn't have a position in homosexual marriage. neither party. We have been too busy passing legislation dictating what percentage of their revenue must be spent by Walmart on health care. We have monkeyed with the pricing of electricity in the City of Baltimore to the point where Florida Power and Light called off it merger with Constellation Energy. And this was last summer.

We have not graduated to witch hunts in the general population yet. We're a little behind the times. No, this lady had to have been guilty of watching TV and had simply gotten confused. Perhaps she had been watching what is going on in Tennessee. There is a lady named Fancy Dirt who wrote a piece that explained the craziness there with the political campaign and if you click on her link you will go to the piece. It is more insightfull than anything I have seen from any political analyst yet.

Now if you just want to see mud slinging, go no farther than Virginia. Pick your side, neither one will be remembered as having its finest moment. But, riding to the rescue is the Crankster who makes the argument that the Republican Party should have more loyalty to the gays who are loyal Republicans. I'm going a tiny step farther.

What we are talking about is scapegoating. When you need a group to blame for the ills of society, you create a scapegoat. Reality has nothing to do with it. You can make the wildest arguments, and people will believe you because everyone wants someone else to be on the bottom, and they don't want it to be them. Hitler picked the Jews as his explanation for the demise of Germany after World War 1.

As you peruse society, as a conservative particularly, you might feel that society was eroding and that family values were eroding with it. I'd say that sex was everywhere, but you know that sex is everywhere that human beings exist, don't you? Pornography, well, one man's pornography is another man's art, the Supreme Court says that porn is a local issue. Like in Great Britain, where the issue of pole dancing at home has become a national issue, as represented in Rachael From North London's Blog. Rachael teaches pole dancing, is a writer, and, well, you can see for yourself. She gives references to the opposition in the very beginning of the piece. I guess the Brits are hard up for scapegoats. But we aren't.

We can't can't attack divorce as a source of undermining the family, so why not attack the gay community. If anyone is to blame for not spending more time with our kids, it is us. if we can't find ways to keep our families together, either through therapy, religious counseling, commitment, whatever, then who do we have to blame for it? Not a group of uninvolved people. It's easier to point at someone else than it is to take responsibility. It's also stooooopid. Now, i have to go read what could be some really good porn over at Crankster's and I am behind on my blogging. I am sooooo behind, but it's MY fault. Not the guys up the block.


Glamourpuss said...

"I guess the Brits are hard up for scapegoats."

Um, well, kind of, unless you count the following:
Illegal immigrants
Legal immigrants (esp. the Polish)
Muslim fundamentalists
Teenage mums
Skinny celebrities
Reality TV
The French
The Germans
And, er, yes, poledancers.


mist1 said...

I am thinking of running for Scapegoat. Will I get a company car?

cmhl said...

I think this is the dirtiest year so far for campaigning in my state. It is a choice between bad and worse.

rebecca said...

I'm with cmhl. It is ridiculous in my area. I remember in high school finding political science interesting. Now, I can't even think about politics without getting a headache.

cinders said...

I have three choices for governor: dumb, dumberer and dumbererest.

The CEO said...

The process is part of the problem. What decent candidate would want to run for office, when this is what you have to go through to run for office.

Crankster said...

CEO, I think you've latched on to the major problem of our time. We have teflon-sealed ourselves against any form of personal responsibility. We are afraid to be sorry, afraid to be culpable, and afraid to even take care of ourselves. Whatever it takes, we seek out another group--any group--to blame for all our problems.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link!

And fingers crossed the elections bring a better result than last time...