Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rebecca's The MAN

SECRET GIRLFRIEND IS BACK FROM GETTING MARRIED in the Bahamas and has posted her first tell-all including all the hot and steamy alcohol, drugs and rock and roll parts (no small people nor animals were harmed in this production). The sex parts are awaiting the special processing requirements of high speed photography in a low light environment. Oh the technical chalenges. And, never forget the tungsten balancing issues. Tasty wedding photography is so difficult.

I still say that Rebecca deserves a lot of credit and praise. If you are, or have ever gone through a wedding, ask yourself this question. If you spent two weeks on an island with your family and in-laws, and you happened to be getting married and having a honeymoon during that time, how many of these people would you kill? Forget the wedding and honeymoon, how many would you kill just being stranded on an island for two weeks with them? Rebecca, you the MAN!


Alison said...

Yep, she's pretty cool, alright.

Echo Mouse said...

lol I did 2 weeks in the Bahamas with my family back in 1980. Damn near killed me. Never again. I can't imagine having a wedding at the same time :)

cinders said...

Do they make a 3200 tungsten balance? If they do, it's probably $30 a roll. I prefer to stick with the digital when shooting porn, also makes it easier to crop out the farm animals.

rebecca (secret girlfriend said...

i am retarded.
the card i got for my camera WAS the correct card!! i was trying to insert it in the camera the wrong way in spite of the diagram of how to insert it that is on the was i supposed to know it goes in upside down??? grr.

anyway. pictures forthcoming. getting meg's disc which includes the shots i took myself of the surroundings (i'm not much of a people picture taker) and they're beautiful.

to echomouse: i did have grouper a couple times and loved it! in fact, had a grouper burger. mmm. no steamed conch, but had conch fingers...tasty.

and did i mention that i'm happy to be home? :)

The CEO said...

Welcome back married lady

desiree said...

I would kill everything that had a heartbeat on the island and then dance around with a pig's head on a spike. But I am a people person like that.