Monday, October 09, 2006

Breast Cancer Sucks, So Do The Other Cancers

I am putting Monday's post up early, because I can't wait any longer. I cannot write about cancer as well as CM HL did last March when she was writing about it. So, I asked her permission to send you to this post on her blog. I have just tested the link, and it works perfectly. Go read it, I can wait a long time.

Cancer is one of those topics that eliminates the differences between men and women. There is nothing sexy about cancer, only extreme ugliness. I will not bore you with a partial list of people that I have loved who have died horrible deaths from cancer, including one of my beloved cats.

Here's what I want. Get a friend, and both of you take a friend. The four of you go get tested. Then tell five more friends, and get them to go. Then, you send CM HL an e mail. This wish goes to you outside of the United states too spoon, EchoMouse, and anyone else. You guys are definitely included if you needed to ask. Just ask CM HL!


mist1 said...

Cancer has touched me deeply. Even the word is scary.

spoon said...

Also know too many that have been lost to cancer...i get checked yearly!

Alison said...


cinders said...

Apparently they won't let those of us under 35 get mammograms unless there's something wrong, so I guess my girlfriends and I will just have to continue to feel each other up.

Yep, everything seems fine over here.

desiree said...

My only issue with this is the "get a friend" part. If I had a social life I don't think I'd be blogging, but thank you for your conscientious post.

Echo Mouse said...

I am always on high alert for Cancer. Lost too many good people to that disease, in all forms, though none of them breast.

I actually have a rare disorder which, in the end stage, if it progresses that far, results in mast cell leukemia. So I get tested once a year. I hate it but I do it :)

This was a very thoughtful post. Thanks for writing it :)