Sunday, October 29, 2006

For The Dancing Therapist Who Wants World Peace

We're still crashing a lot today, and we still have tech support coming tomorrow. In the meantime, since Tiffany is in class today (those dedicated Physical Therapists learn new material on the weekends when they should be watching football, or riding horses, whatever floats your boat), I thought we'd listen to some of her favorite music. She loves John Denver, among others.

John Denver's "Country Roads"

This is a rare recording of John Denver live. For those of you who haven't read Tiffany yet, she lives to travel the country. She writes her blog to keep in touch with her family. The rest of us sort of participate from the outside. Let there be no doubt how close Tiffany and her family are. This could be her singing to her mother.

Of course, this is how you won this week's You The Man Award

This is a duet that Denver did with Alexander Gradskey for a 1986 TV show. The Soviet Union would come apart approximately three years later.

You Tube has disabled embedding on this one. They have also stopped rating quite a few of the videos they have including this one. My wife and I made it our business to start camping in Canada after this song came out. We found Banff National Park, like the rest of the world, west of Calgary. Mentally, I have a mandatory requirement to go back for my mental health. We live in societies that are becoming so vastly overcrowded that we have lost any incentive to treat each other in a civil manner as a default. We don't talk to each other, we deal with each other. Most of our communication is electronic, void of tone and emotion and meaning. Maybe we should change that first. Or maybe we should make everyone take care of an animal so we can learn a little about love first. No, we'd need inspectors to insure the animal's safety. I get this way when I look at the history of human beings and peace, but once more, into the fray!


Crankster said...

Thanks for the John Denver, as well as for the rumination on civility. The loss of courtesy has been upsetting me, as well. What I find particularly surprising is that my wife and I experienced a lot more courtesy in New York than we do in Virginia.

The CEO said...

Why don't we both write about it. I wasn't being gracious, I really enjoy the way you write.

cmhl said...

Banff is beautiful..

mist1 said...

I am learning how to love via a cat. You have a good platform. I would vote for you.

Echo Mouse said...

If you love Banff and Calgary, check out one of my fav blogs - Critter Lover. She's an awesome person and a dear friend. She writes very relaxing and humourous posts about the scenery and outdoor adventures with her hubby and other family and friends.

I fear for the world too. If I had my way, I'd live in a cabin in the woods forever. That's mostly due to growing up in Northern Ontario though. I can never find enough trees and forests...or snow. lol

Fancy Dirt said...

Ooooo Banff!!! I'd go back in any season! My husband and kids are skiers so we spent the Christmas holidays there at the Banff Springs Hotel. Excellent place! I drove north one day just to look at the glaciers and snowy mountains; word of caution: all the bathrooms on the highway were closed for the winter, take tissues.

The CEO said...

Hi Fancy Dirt,
I was there the end of May and out on that glacier the temperature was -10
F. I can imagine what you found in December. I'd go back in a heart beat. Hope to see you again soon.