Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Feeling Groovy!

It's a rainy, cold, miserable sort of day, and I am singing and happy and just, well giggling. That happens to me when I listen to Paul Simon. He did this song back in the Dark Ages that introduced the Renaissance called "the 59th Street Bridge Song" and it always leaves me, there's really no better way to say it, feeling groovy.

So I went to tai chi this morning. After I hear 'the song'. You may remember the famous line from "A League of Their Own" that goes like this"...there is no crying in baseball." Well, tai chi is a meditative exercise. There is no giggling in tai chi. There is no hugging the instructor either, but I can't help myself. she should have talked to me severely, but she was giggling too. I have absolutely no idea why. Not a clue. I would like to grow up to be just like her. But, I am not a vegetarian, and i don't think I can grown that much hair, ever.

I'd also like to thank Google for their chat function. It really does help with the getting-to-know-you issues quite a bit. Helps keep my cholesterol level down and my blood pressure and heart rate are perfect! So, if you want to feel a little better, here's a guy doing a nice guitar piece of the 59th Street Bridge Song. Or, we can go play in the rain! Good chance for mud out there!


mist1 said...

I just adore Mr. Simon.

Why don't you write me,
A letter would brighten
My loneliest evening.
Mail it today
If it's only to say
That you're leaving me.
(La, la, la)

MonkeyLover said...

Well look at how chipper the world seems to be today!! I haven't run across a cranky person yet! The stars are in alignment for all! Yippy. The world must be ending tonight or something for all of us to be getting our ways :)

MonkeyLover said...
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cmhl said...

I love that song.. my favorite s & g song is "the Boxer"

rebecca said...

i love the Boxer, too.
and, American Tune.