Sunday, October 22, 2006

You The Man Award, This Week

Clearly Rebecca and Cindy walked away with the You The Man Award this week. Accordingly, after much research, I rejected all of the pretenders and got this jewel:

You're going to ask, "Why two versions of the same music from the Berlin Philharmonic?" Different conductors. Levin is conducting the second version. I am unable to find out who conducted the first.


Alison said...

Previn, maybe?

Ah ha ha ha ha. I kill me.

rebecca (secret girlfriend) said...

i love previn. and that guy hamlish, too., what am i doing incorrectly? i can only see the "type"/words of your posts. never the pictures or the links. i am doing something wrong, i'm certain of it.

mist1 said...

I should listen to this every morning.

The CEO said...

There's pictures?