Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Announcement

I will be gone for a day or two. We have had a death on the block where I live. A long time resident has passed away in her sleep. Friends who have lived on this block are coming back for her funeral. I will resume publishing in a day or two.

I left a comment in the last post. Here it is:

I can go anywhere. There is some desire to look at perception. Perception is not a huge field in itself, it supports everything else. I'll touch on it because so many people are suddenly writing about their self-perceptions, and others are talking about anorexia and bulimia, which are diseases where typically women starve themselves so they can be so skinny to live up to some societal norm they perceive, being skinny. You can't be too thin.

These perceptions can be lethal. Typically anorexia and bulimia are diseases, like alcoholism that are symptoms of underlying problems. You need to get to the root issues. Now, I am not being formal here, so any real psychologist can nit pick. That's not what I am after.

Personally, I was going to head to the Communications Model, how we communicate when we are face to face. And look at the differences between there and how we do it on the Internet.

I should make this comment a post, shouldn't I?
A little editing on my part, and I hope you might keep commenting here. I'll be in and out as events dictate. Thanks for bearing with me.


Odat said...

You're getting too heavy for me so early in the morning.... ;-)
(sorry to hear your bad news tho)
Hurry back.

The CEO said...

Odat- at 4:51 am, that's too heavy for me too, unless I have been up all night. Thank you for the thought.

Alison said...

My condolences. Take the time you need.

desiree said...

Good Grief, I take a leave of absence for a work related injury and now the morning meetings have gotten all existential on me. Does this mean I shouldn't bring donuts? Does the donut even exist? Is it in a state where it may or may not exist and we won't know until I open the pink bakery box? I need a cocktail now.

I'm sorry for your loss, take whatever time you need.

cmhl said...

so sorry for the loss of your friend.

Claudia said...

Sorry to hear about your for perception...boy we could get in deep here...I think we might need the donuts!!

WanderingGirl said...

So sad to hear that.

mist1 said...

I'll miss you while you're away.

And, it turns out that you can be too thin. I used anorexia not to fit into a societal norm, but as a way to not need anything.

rebecca said...

sorry for your loss.

on perception etc.:

about 6 yrs ago, i had hit a bout of serious depression - the kind that needed medication. i remember saying to my good friend "you know, i wish i could become an alcoholic and just drink away my issues..." but that was impossible because $ was an issue, and it takes $ to become a drunk.

sometimes i still think about that comment...and while i realize alcoholism is no laughing matter, i still found it funny pertaining to me...

MJ said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor.. what do you call the “ they are slowly taking my organs” diet? So far I am down a kidney, a appendix, and 2 ribs.. now that is a way to loose some weight !! LOL

PhoenixHearse said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

spoon said...

Shame, I'm sorry about your neighbour! I've had a few anorexic friends, it's very rarely been about looking thin but about trying to control things in their lives and often has father associations.

Glamourpuss said...

Our perceptions are shaped by our beliefs and they are fragile. What we see in the world is entirely a product of our beliefs about it and our self-perceptions are just as vulnerable.

Years of being denigrated and feeling unworthy left me convinced of my unacceptability and unattractiveness - I still struggle with this. Interestingly, when I saw pictures of myself on stage, it felt like looking at someone else because I did not recognise the person in the pictures as the person in the mirror. I realised my body dismorphia was still active and the extent of it shocked me.

Always, the answer lies within us. A close friend of mine was anorexic for years and now works with young people afflicted with the condition. It is rarely about simply wanting to be attractive and believing being thin is. More often, it's about exerting control over the one thing they feel they can in a life of powerlessness. And of course, it is generally accompanied by a deep seated self-loathing - you cannot love yourself and starve yourself at the same time.

Relating to others is important but primary, in my opinion, is our relationship with ourselves - something our culture rarely addresses. It's taken me a long time to learn to be nicer to myself and I find myself surrounded by people who aren't and who regularly insult themselves, abuse themselves and punish themselves. Pretty fucked up really.


Lee said...

The truth is, I communicate the same on the internet as I do in person. I am only one way. I don't know if it's a flaw or a blessing. Poker is not my game. As you will see from my most recent post, I haven't been posting because what I've been thinking about is not postable. Because my blog is not anonymous, and my children (and ex) know about it, I must be careful. I have started a new anonymous blog purely as a vent. I haven't written anything yet, but I have a feeling it will be cathartic.