Monday, December 04, 2006

A Summary

I am feeling like I almost need a break so some of this settles in. I have picked a line through existential philosophy into psychology through Zen and into perception. I tried to tie it back in an easily relatable way to things you can relate to and even participate in. Participation really counts, as you may have noticed, as it really adds to what is going on. A lot more action happened in the comments than in the posts.

A weakness I have let stand and should rectify is the I-R model To make this as easy as possible, I am going to skip a lot of the thinking that precedes it, namely Transactional Analysis by Eric Berns, which is an interpretation of Freud. When a child is born, that child has potential that can be developed into almost anything. It's almost limitless. The environment we put that child into and the training we give that child contribute to what the kid becomes. This is the "I" in the I-R model, that potential that the human being possesses.

As we grow up, we are socialized by our parents. If we are scolded for doing wrong, and rewarded for doing good, we start developing an 'image' of ourself. I'm a good boy, I ate all my green beans, regardless of how they tasted. I leave the craziness of the mixed message to your imagination.

We go to school, and we get evaluated, and we get grades. We get report cards. A role, and we're being evaluated at it. We grow up, we go to work, we volunteer, and all of the other things that fill our lives. We are seen as the sum of our roles. But, as CMHL so succinctly stated, we are so much more than that. The "R" stands for roles in the I-R model. It gives us a view of how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. It's also a way of seeing how our self-esteem comes into being, and ought to be a starting place for goal setting. Just a thought.

Returning to the major theme, a nice summary might include that time is precious; we all live under uncertainty; the best we can do is to educate ourself and to try to take advantage of the best opportunities available to us; that everyone struggles, no matter who they are, or how good it appears they have it; the journey is the whole thing, and that trying is everything.

Eastern, Western, ancient Greek or Roman Philosophy the bottom line really is Know Thyself. Sounds simply, it's about as difficult to do as anything on Earth. It is an Ultimate Life Goal.

Finally, we started looking at perception. The Internet many of us the ability to communicate with each other yet to remain anonymous. When we do remain anonymous, others view us with the viewer's idealized view of us, which tends to follow national averages. Some traits about us are deducible from what we write, the majority of the traits that make us who we are, aren't discernible. We tend to focus on the content of the message we write.

That concludes the summary. I have cut out an enormous amount to keep this as simple and straightforward as I can. If I continue this, you will never believe where we go from here.

But why make the journey this far? Remember the initial challenge about writing a story about a woman and her struggles? Have you read about Pickled Olives struggles with her house, and the painting of the house? There's more to come. Have you read about Cindy's affirmations in an attempt to deal with her huge workload between school and work, and how she's going to handle it? How about Claudia's struggles with a woman on her team who screwed her around about a deadline on a class project? That never happens to anyone else, does it? I was going to describe Lee as an artist with both hands intact. Go read her story about trying to help a kid who had caught his hand in a print maker, while waiting for an ambulance. Spoon had a piece about men not understanding what happens to women. CMHL wrote a pensive..........

What do you think, is this a worthwhile exercise for us as bloggers to see, and think about? Should I go on?


Alison said...


I think it's a worthwhile exercise. We all struggle, and I suspect it's not just women.

spoon said...

Struggle is such a strange word because life's a struggle but that's what we do, that's what being here is about - isn't it??? Keep going, i'd like to see what comes out of this.

SaM-GiRL said...

me too.

Lee said...

thhis is my first visit to this blog (found your link on sam's comments)and I am, to say the very least, verry interasted.
I'll be back

MJ said...

Can I tell you how much I love your blog?

rebecca said...

perception gets my vote, too.

my husband, when he gets annoyed with me for something i've said offhandedly or something - says "perception is reality", and i always follow that with "For YOU, being ethe perceiver". because MY reality isn't his perception. my reality is my perception which is different from his perception, so the two realities are in conflict and there can only be one reality, correct??

anyway, i still don't win this argument with him. he has to let go of that token come back, as i see it. hrmpf! :)

all that said, this blog post of yours ties in to my blog post of today. weird how that happens.

Matt said...

When we do remain anonymous, others view us with the viewer's idealized view of us, which tends to follow national averages.

Interesting. I have been amazed by some of the conclusions people have made about me based upon some haphazard scribblings I've left on the Internet, often in the past focussing on the negative as a form of "writing therapy."

Others don't realize that any good story is grossly exaggerated.... I'm not sure I'd want to meet a few of my favorite bloggers so as to preserve my "idealized version." One blogger, in particular, I know cannot exist--but I love the character.


The CEO said...

Alison- OK, I hear you, loud and clear.

Spoon- as usual, you hit it on the head

Lee- welcome aboard

Sam-girl- I read a few of your pieces, and was particularly interested in your bulimia piece. Welcome aboard.

MJ- I don't know, can you tell me?

Rebecca- you and your husband are caught up in selective perception. He has decided that his reality is the only reality, and that is where the error comes from.

Matt- I wish you'd comment more, you have a lot to say when the topic is serious and this way I know you're actually here. Welcome aboard.

Pickled Olives said...

Yes, do go on. I'd like to see where this goes!

Echo Mouse said...

I agree with everyone else. Do continue this. I have a lot to say on it but my brain is too overwhelmed so I'm just going to enjoy the ride for a while if that's okay :)