Monday, September 25, 2006

Bitacle Shitacle It's Ain't Very Whimsical

If you go over and read Alison's blog you will find two different posts, one here and here about an outfit named Bitacle that is ripping off blogger's content and putting it up as their own. I did sit up and take notice about the monitize part though. There will be change around here, I am a Capitalist, you know.

Now, Alison has a simple point. Look up near the top. It ought to say something like and there are a lot of things that are a tip off that you are in the right place. Great women. I mean REALLY great women. You won't find Cindy or Rebecca at Bitacle. You won't find Mist there. I promise you that Alison is not going there of her own free will. And if they aren't going there, I'm not going there. They'd probably make me drink white zinfandel. So, if there aren't any great women there, the great guys aren't going either. This is not rocket science. If you can open a beer can, you can follow this one. So I ask you. if you see the word bitacle in the URL at the top, why would you stay there at all?


Alison said...

Good! Yeah, why would you stay there?

The CEO said...

No good chocolate there, no good women there, not on my blogroll. This is Quality Year at The Morning Meeting, 'member?

mist1 said...

You will only find me in one of the following places:

1. My couch.
2. Your couch, if invited.
3. My therapist's couch.
4. Your therapist's couch, if needed.
5. Local coffee shop
6. Watering hole of the day.

I have been sighted in other places, but these remain unconfirmed.

The CEO said...

Mist, my couch is your couch. There's beer in the fridge. Help yourself. Call me if you need more.

rebecca said...


i went and they made me drink white zinny and eat velveeta on triscuits.

i ran home screaming.

Alison said...

Velveeta on Triscuits? and white zin?

You poor thing.

The CEO said...

Hell hath no fury like a damsel forced to eat velvetta on triscuts with white zin, I can't bear to think of it at Bitacle

cmhl said...

what about cheese whiz in a can sprayed out on generic ritz? welcome to my world.

(((I'm a little concerned that you & alison & the other folk might implode if I admit that I like cheese whiz, so I'll just keep that to myself)))

mist1 said...

I would eat cheez whiz in bed. Does it come in nacho?


Also, I will be by to sit on the couch tomorrow after my morning walk. Be advised that my manners could use some polishing up and my hair won't be brushed.

The CEO said...

CM, you are always welcome here no matter what. I even agreed to cook your meat with a medium to medium well center if you'd stop making fun of my writing and it's lack of precision, meaning and content.

Mist, the couch is ready, you are Miss Manners here, and my hair is on my chest, and I don't comb it either.

cmhl said...

ceo-- surely thou doest jest! I would never make fun! although, I would prefer it well-done to charred, and I am concerned that you might have a moral issue with ruining a good piece of steak like that.

mist1--- absolutely it comes in nacho. hehehe.