Friday, September 29, 2006

Mission Control Announcement

After two brief delays, we actually did achieve a liftoft today. It was, and still is, a bit wobbly, but hey, you go sit between a major and a panty hose manufacturer at 8:00 am and try to look bright eyed, wide awake, and interested.

Please note the advertising on the right. We are a full service blog now. It's not where I put it in the template, but this is beta. Please don't click on the thingys unless you're a serious buyer. We're ethical on this blog.

More after a coffee IV and the meeting has ended. Probably a real post.


Allan said...

I love my ad blocking firefix extension.


mist1 said...

Maybe I should put ads on my blog. Then I could quit my job...that is if I had a job.

Alison said...

All I see is your blogroll, which itself is a form of advertisement. :)