Saturday, September 09, 2006

Some Stuff

I called this particular meeting because I have not been able to figure out what to call this post. A really, really close friend Cindy is having her birthday on September 10th. I like to tell everyone that she is my mistress that I keep hidden away in the Northern woods, and I'd be there now but the corporate jet is being overhauled. The real story is that Cindy is going back to school in the hopes of becoming a professional photographer. So I promised I'd leave her alone while she studies and does her school work. If you click on the place where Cindy's name is underlined, you can go directly to the blog of this Nordic wonderment and leave a birthday message. Just to show you that folks have more talents than are obvious, besides being a well-built, desireable woman, Cindy also has a blog for her writing and poetry.

Now, a discussion has ensued. I think that there's no more than seven of you that come by here. Most of you don't know Cindy, so I am really hoping that you all go wish her a happy birthday if you're one of the seven regular hearty ones, or if the Smile Commander and some the others are right and there are lurkers. Lurkers, please wish Cindy a happy birthday, and tomorrow we'll return to our sexploitation, by answering a question or two.

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cinders said...

Thanks, Monty