Thursday, September 07, 2006

Team Building

I called this meeting because team building is an important issue in an organization like this one, given the far flung reach of what we do here. We have lots of people from the United States, but clearly, yesterday Oneil stopped in from somewhere and left us with a hook. A little Gilbert and Sullivan ditty called "You Dirty Man". And that's what I translated that phrase into, Gilbert and Sullivan.

A hook is something you can't get out of your head for hours or days on end. Put on your best falsetto and stand back and let it flow "I love him, I love him, I love him, and where he goes I'll follow". Get that one out of your head. I know I have "Pirates of Penzantz" rolling around in myhead, and everyone I ran into today has benefitted from it. As an aside, Oneil, we have a place for you here.

So, what does this has to do with team building you ask. All of my people blog. I insist on it. The cross-fertilization and infusion of new ideas cannot be matched. I could never create the kind of technology transfer for them as a group that they implement as individuals. And when they share the best of what they have found, the organization can only get stronger. All I need to do is to provide the direction we're heading, and the empowered environment for us to thrive in. And hope they share the best pornography with me.

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Itchy said...

I don't really do well with rules and restrictions. You'll soon learn that about me. You tell me to hold off on comments and then I comment just to be a rebel.