Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Damn Computers

I called this meeting because there are some things that simply drive me crazy. I cannot get a routine down with this computer that works for me. I like to write The Morning Meeting between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, which is when I may or may not be swapping e mails with others, more people than you would imagine. I also may be on the phone with a friend in California. But by 2:00 am, I start to fade. The markets do open at 9:30 am, you know. If I publish at 2:00 am Eastern time, the date is still reflected as yesterday, and regardless of what the documentation says, I can't change it. Can't make the built-in blogroll work right either. Looks simple, I'll get it. I have this pipe wrench....

So, in the future, when you arrive first thing in the morning, and you see a post with yesterday's date on it, mentally adjust and make it today's date. I can do that, because *I* am the CEO! And, that's why I had a breakfast pepperoni calzone with a Jimmy Dean croissant with egg and sausage. I need the carb fix because the secret girlfriend is getting ready to leave town. Forget that she's getting married on October 6th, I can handle that. What makes this an intolerable loss is she is my source of killer blueberry muffins. Some people I know will move mountains for peanut butter goodies. Need I say more? My hands are trembling just thinking about the withdrawal.

I am in major negotiations this afternoon, stay tuned for a major announcement, please. In the meantime, what's on the collective mind of the hive today?


rebecca said...


its supposed to be secret! geez!!

and i will get the blueberry muffins to you as soon as you give me the inside skinny on the major announcements.

and i'm very upset you didn't get me a pepperoni calzone, too. but i'll get over it. *sniff, sniff*

cinders said...

I am testing this in my beta blogger right now, just for you. When you start your post, it stamps the time you started to write it on it. If you want to change it, you'll have to
click "post options" just below the compose window. Here you can change the date, time, and whether or not you want to allow comments.

But, of course, you always want to allow comments.

To change your time zone in beta blogger, go to settings--formatting-- and everything's there.

Anymore questions? I'm going out to lunch now.

cmhl said...

I agree w/ Cinders, you should be able to bump up the date to the future if you hit "post options", that is how I "sticky" things when I want it to stay at the top.

peanut butter cookie for me, please.